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TRIFED-Innovative Technologies Available for Commercialization

Warm greetings from ASSOCHAM!

Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Ltd., Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India have developed products & technologies which are as under:

1. Nutra-beverage by using Mahua with Pomegranate, Ginger, Guava, etc
2. RTS Drink by integrating tamarind, amla and mahua (named as TAMRAS)
3. Candy and Chutney by combining Mahua and Tamarind
4. Cosmaceutical products such as sunscreen lotion, liquid soap, cold cream and shaving cream developed from Karang seeds
5. Hybrid dryers run on biomas and solar energy for moisture control in MFPs
6. Anticorrosive, degreasing cleaning formulation from sal leaves.

The aforesaid projects have been completed and hence the same are ripe for commercialization.

ASSOCHAM requests its members to kindly participate in this process. It will be a great service to the tribals and beneficial for all the stakeholders in the value chain. For more details, please visit: or write to ;