AIMA MSME Aims & Objects Memorandum of Associations

ALL INDIA MSME ASSOCIATION (AIMA MSME) is founded with aims & object  for the growth development & progress of  MSME sector and MSME Entrepreneurs.  As sector is considered to be the Back Bone of Indian economy. To make representations to Central / State Government & Semi-public authorities, Executive and legislative, on any matter directly or indirectly affecting sector.

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                                          MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION

                         ALL INDIA MSME ASSOCIATION


                    AIMA Serves MSME. MSME Serves The Nation


1.   The Administrative office of the Association will be situated in Mumbai                          


2.  The Name of the AOP is “ALL INDIA MSME ASSOCIATION”     hereinafter called aima MSME.

3.   The Mission-Objects Activities for which the AIMA is established   

      will be as given below.



  1. ALL INDIA MSME ASSOCIATION (AIMA) is founded with aims & object for the growth development & progress of MSME sector. As “MSME sector is considered to be the Back Bone of Indian economy.”
  2. To make representations to Central and State Government and Semi-public authorities, Executive and legislative, on any matter directly or indirectly affecting MSME sector.
  3. aima will act as a think tank to provide necessary inputs for the development and growth MSME sector & conduct the survey & prepare research report as well as white paper on the opportunities, challenges, various issues & problems for taking up with the concerned State/Central Government Departments.
  4. aima MSME Vision Statement: “As an apex Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of the Nation, We will facilitate in all sectors for sustainable prosperity through collaborative efforts, knowledge based skills, modern technology and ethical means”.



  • aima MSME has been established with the Mission to empower MSME,s to achieve Organisational and Business Excellence, Share Expertise and provide innovative solution for major problems affecting their business. It also provides a platform for Networking with their counterparts in India and abroad.
  • aima MSME will provide information & assistance for the opportunities provided by MSME ministry & National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) in various sectors with data & relevant inputs on development, growth & progress of  MSME.
  • aima MSME will strive to give high priority & monitor issues concerning the governance to improve delivery mechanisms & redressal of grievances of the MSME sector in close co-ordination with the state/central government to encourage young  entrepreneurs, self employed individuals in the MSME sector.
  • To Encourage, Motivate, & Project Young Entrepreneurs to move in to the Second Rank of Leadership for the future of MSME sector.
  • Bring SME sector under one roof / umbrella for better effective approach to local authority / State & Central government to achieve their common goal for the growth, development & progress of different segment of Industries under SME sector.
  • To co-operate with other Micro & Small Medium Enterprises Associations in India with an intention to further the objectives of the aima & with this end in view to affiliate groups & bodies, also by getting itself affiliated to any national body if considered necessary.




  1. Necessary input to the State/Central government.
  2. Awareness related to MSME ministry & NSIC schemes & incentives.
  3. Evaluate issues & problems for redressal.
  4. Consultancy & support services.
  5. Review of MSME & NSIC incentives, schemes & policy.
  6. Think Tank to review & recommend to State/Central government & all concerned.
  7. Consultative and interactive meets with the concerned Ministry, Industry, and official & policy makers.




1. Promotional activities for growth, development & progress of MSME Sector.

2. Efforts for enhancement of:-

  • Job opportunities in MSME Sector.
  • To find out the possibility for SME units to set up Ancillary units for Value Added products with the support of corporate sector.
  • Promote public private participation (PPP) in the up gradation of industrial training institute (ITI).
  • Conduct Exhibition seminars & other events.
  • Entrepreneur ship Development: – To Organize Various training programs & other activities in Co-ordination with MSME Ministry & NSIC.
  • To Establish & Enhance Export: – To arrange interactive meetings / dialogue with Foreign Trade Promotion consulate generals of concerned countries & with export promotion council.