Digital India-New Future.New Pathways.

The Digital India initiative from the government of India based on the ambitious vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The program is aimed at integrating the government better with the citizen of India. The primary goal is to ensure that governmental service are available electronically so that paperwork can be reduced. It also includes a goal connecting rural parts of the nation with high-speed Internet service.

The three components include

  • The creation of a digital infrastructure
  • The delivery of services digitally and
  • Better digital literacy for all citizens
  • This goal falls in line with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s dream for a digital India that includes such things as a high-speed digital infrastructure to unite the nation, a more empowered people, a more open and transparent government, better access to governmental, better educational opportunities, better healthcare and many other goals that be hopes will soon be realized.

    New broadband services will be coming to 250,000 villages by 2017 as a first step in better connectivity. A large number of companies have shown an interest in participation in this and future project.

    But there are challenges that must be address. The first involve civil liberties issue. Privacy and civil liberties in cyber space have not been address by the government. If not a implemented properly, the digital India initiative and similar programs could strengthen the government’s ability to perform mass surveillance activities, so safeguards must be implemented and practiced.

    Digital India will continue to make progress through November 2015, then the Apex Committee will analyze the progress. Additional policies could soon be put into place, according to reports. This would be a positive step toward the kinds of protections necessary to make this program acceptable to all citizens and interests.

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