About aima-MSME

aima MSME Aims & Objects Memorandum of Associations

ALL INDIA MSME ASSOCIATION (aima MSME) is founded with the aim & object of growth, development & progress of MSME sector and MSME Entrepreneurs. As this sector is considered to be the Back Bone of Indian Economy, we make representations to Central / State Government & Semi-Public Authorities, Executive and Legislative, on any matter directly or indirectly affecting this sector.

aima MSME Mission, Vision & Suggestion for MSME Sector

To Encourage, Motivate, & Inspire Existing as well as Upcoming Entrepreneurs to move in to the Second Rung of Leadership for building the career as MSME Entrepreneurs and to become a job provider and not job seeker. To bring SME sector under one roof / umbrella for better effective approach to Local Authority / State & Central Government to achieve the goal for the growth, development & progress of different segments of Industries under SME sector.

aima MSME Membership

aima Membership is open to Small & Medium Entrepreneurs, Manufactures, Exporters, Importers, Professionals, Buying Agents, Distributors, Suppliers, Service Providers, Micro and Tiny Enterprises, Individuals and Prospective Entrepreneurs. Chamber of Commerce, Trade & Industry, NGOs and other local Organizations.